Monday, December 29, 2008

another day in my life...

well, im back in illinois. yay me, right??? lol. my flight was less than satisfactory. don't get me wrong. we didnt crash, so that was good. it's just, the entire trip i felt like a turtle in my pea-coat. you see, the burley man next to me had gas. u know..normally i am cool about these things and just go on like it's nothing. (yes, im one of those people who laugh if someone poots. sorry! it's funny.) unfortunately, it wasnt a time to laugh. it seemed like a time to cry, seeing as how my eyes were watering from the stinch. i am not even playin...i was almost to the point of telling him to go to the bathroom because i think he had an accident and just didnt realize it! but i just hid my head in my pea coat and hoped it would help. anyway...that was my flight. an hour and a half of nastiness. he was a nice guy though. lol.

so, today is okay. i was so afraid i would hate being back. while im not excited about it, i did a little devotional this morning that helped me. in a nutshell....GET OVER YOURSELF! in a round about way. i am trying to keep a positive attitude about this situation. like i said before, God has a plan. He has worked things out perfectly in this whole navy process, so why should i wonder what is going on now? so, that is my rant for the day. hope you enjoyed the story of my misery. :) it was great to see everyone while i was home. God allowed me to enjoy a wonderful church service and see many of my friends. it was awesome! okay...i have to go sweep or something now!

Friday, December 26, 2008

do i have to go back???

well, it's getting to be that time. i must fly away to foreign lands so that i can take the place of the other brave souls. no...not the ones who are protecting our country, but those who are cleaning the toilets and swabbing the floors. trust me, you would call them brave too! the body odor from the new recruits is so thick that you need a breathing mask just to walk from one compartment to the next! i am quite embarassed to know that i smelled that bad for an entire week. but how can you smell descent when you are fighting 80 other stinky girls to get your body slightly wet by one of the 8 shower heads in the bathroom???? oh yea...and you only got 3 minutes. really? i can honestly say that i thanked God for allowing me to have bad eyesight during shower time! the birth control glasses were ugly, but i got to take them off when i had to shower. oh yes....He was looking out for me even then. haha!

i have enjoyed being here with my family and friends. thank all of you who have written and had me in your prayers. i am ready to get to school so i can start my career in the navy. i know that God will get me out of there in His time. it is definitely hard...just waiting. i want to be out doing something exciting and meaningful. i feel like i am getting nowhere and serving no purpose. however, it isn't for me to decide when i go or how long i stay. i just have to try and keep my spirits up and know there is a reason. i have been able to share my faith with people while i have been there. during bootcamp i read my bible a lot. people saw this and wondered what i was doing. they would ask questions and i would answer the best way i knew how. i guess it was an okay answer because they would come back wanting to know more. so if you could just mention in your prayers that God would give me the words to say...i would appreciate it. sometimes i dont know how to answer their questions and i feel like i may mess things up. after a while the questions start getting extremely complex and i want to be confident in what i tell them. God is at work there. i am excited and scared all at the same time. but hopefully, if one accepts Him into their life then they can help and another and another.....perhaps we could have a small revival in the town of great mistakes...i mean, lakes...great lakes! again i thank you for your love, support and prayers. it is surely felt.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

does it hurt when you get slapped in the face?

have you ever read something and then had to sit back in awe at what it said? as some of you know, i have been stuck in the frozen town of great lakes, illinois for a while. i graduated boot camp 2 months ago and was ready to get to school! the fact that my school is in pensecola, florida is just a plus. :) one week before i graduated i was told that i was anemic and i would be staying in illinois for a little while. okay...2 months is more than a little while! however, my faith has become stronger because of this unexpected journey. i have always trusted that God would supply all my needs. this is something i grew up knowing. im fortunate to have a God-fearing family! i guess when you face trials you are constantly looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, but my tunnel just seemed to get darker.

it all started when i arrived at boot camp. i was instructed to remove my contacts because you can not have them there. so i did thinking that i would soon have the glasses that you are issued there. although i was blind as a bat, i continued with the process. go pee in a cup while a 4'11" lady calls you cookie and stares at you while you are squatting. after that uncomfortable situation, she says that if i cotinue eyeballing her she will break my arm and/or kill me. haha, she wouldn't really do that????? and so, processing days have begun. we get our shots, we learn to fold clothes, go thru medical, dental and vision exams, and get yelled at like we are 4 years of age. after 7 days of complete blindness, i am issued my bcg's. yes, i finally got my glasses and when i looked in the mirror i realized why they call them bcg's. bcg stands for birth control glasses. lol...they are called this because no man in his right mind would touch you while you are wearing them. i missed my first phone call home because i had my wisdom teeth cut 2 days before we were supposed to use the phones. now, in the civilian world you get a lot of medicine and a week to get over everything. hahahahaha! no, not in the military world. you get two days. yep, two! do not have the luxery of being knocked out during the process. i was awake for the entire thing. luckily i have and insane pain tolerance. it's a good thing too because i was a tester for a newbee to the dental world. isn't that nice? i had 3 teeth removed. the last tooth had to be cut out...i felt everything, including the moment he cut a nerve. that was pleasant...i recommend everyone try it. really???? kept me from calling my family when everyone else did. a week later i got to call. i was so excited! i cried the whole time i was running to the phone center. which, by the way, is about a mile from the building i was in. i ran into the phone booth and called my dad. as he answered i could barely get the word hello out. it wouldn't have mattered if i did...i could hear him but he couldnt hear me. i went through 2 more phones before i got in touch with him. he was happy, mom was happy, i was was just a happy moment. all happy for a few seconds, then dad gave me the news that my uncle had passed away. the tears flowed heavy and i could not speak. we said i love you and goodbye then i headed back. i wanted to be home. i wanted to comfort my family during this time. all i could do was pray. it was then that i started reading my bible every free moment i had. i have continued that process to this day.

ive written all of this non-sense to say one thing. i have been upset because nothing is going the way i planned. i keep wondering what the reason is behind it. then i remembered a verse in proverbs chapter 16..."a mans heart plans his ways, but the Lord guides his steps." and yes, sometimes it does hurt when you get slapped in the face.