Monday, April 27, 2009

fried crispy!

okay ya'll. i had a great idea for saturday. i wasnt on duty, im right beside the beach and i figured i would go. i had never been to pensecola beach so i was excited. i heard it was beautiful. it seems odd that i have been here for right at 2 months and havent been to the beach yet.

it was a beautiful day. between 85-88 degrees with a glorious breeze. the main reason i wanted to go to the beach and lay out was because of the oh so attractive farmers tan that i have developed since i got here. you know...when you take off your shirt it looks like you have a white undershirt on. yea..that would be me. but add the knee-thigh area and an adorable little sock line that actually could fool someone into thinking i have them on. we found a nice little spot by a group of people playing bean-bag toss and downing beer after beer after beer and sat our little cooler of coke and oreos down. time to tan! i spray on the sunblock and im ready to go. hahaha...sunblock? the only part that the sun was blocked from were the parts i wanted to tan! so now, the dark part of my legs are a lovely shade of red along with the lower part of my arms. my feet are still as pale as a cotton ball in white paint AND i have random red spots all over me. there is a nice red racing stripe down my left arm and what looks like the imprint of a deer hoof on the back of my right arm. lol...i love my life. really! i mean...if something like that wouldnt have happened...i wouldve thought something was wrong. i just laugh about it now. it doesnt hurt so that is good. did you know that sunburn (if it affects your ability to do your job) is punishable by the ucmj? yea...destruction of government property and im not even kidding about that. lol.

anyway...i was bored so i thought i would share my story with you. i hope everyone has a blessed day and buys sunscreen that works.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i figured i would take a break from watching ncis non-stop. seriously...what would possess anyone to lay in bed for hours watching a t.v. show? lol. yet, that has been my weekend. have you ever seen this show? ya just get hooked. it's as bad as army wives! haha. oh, and if anyone knows how to get a hold of season two of army wives please let me know b/c i cant find it anywhere. has been a little while since i have written anything, so i figured i would give it a go. this past week was fairly good. i got med-up on tuesday and was planning on going to pt for the second half of the day. i was so excited until a chief stopped me and said i was going to a working party. what???? i have been dying to go excercise with everyone for what seemed like forever and he is telling me that i cant? you have to be joking! but, i turned around and went to change into my coveralls. as we are walking out he says that we are going to the aviation museum to work on a plane. well, hot dog! i can pt tomorrow! lol! we got to the museum and it wasnt just A plane. it was an f-18 fighter jet that we were priming for the blue angels to paint the following day. i was climbing all over an f-18! so awesome. totally made my day.

the rest of the week we watched a movie, did uniform inspections and excercised. all went well. still a little soreness in the knees and ankles but nothing compared to the last time. the day we went to pt, i saw the best blue angels practice runs ever! rolls, loops, smoke was amazing. so yes, things got better. i knew they would, it just stinks when you have to sit back and watch others do what you are supposed to be doing. im not a big fan of that if you havent noticed. lol.

well, im about to recieve the next disc from ncis and i have rambled on enough. i hope you all have a blessed day. the picture is of me and my buddy black sittin on top of the f-18 we were working on. and a random marine that i dont know.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i cant do this

i went to medical friday to see what was going on with the mamaw ankles. well, the doc had no clue. he put on my paper "ptop" which is pt at your own pace. but then he told me that i can still pt with everyone else. i turned in my paper to the coreman today and he said that i am now med down. THAT IS NOT GOOD! all i do is sit in a room all day doing nothing! and perhaps i will get 12 hours of watch or something. which im pretty sure will not help my situation at all. im extremely frustrated and i am planning to go back to medical today and tell them that i am okay and can return to full duty. i can not do nothing. that isnt me and never will be me. i feel like the room should have padded walls and i should be in a straight-jacket. im so not even playing. i could possibly go crazy. any of you who know me know that i have issues with being told i cant physically do something. it just doesnt work out well for me. anyway....i just ask that you pray for my sanity. this is not a joke. i feel like im a waste of government money right now because i am sitting here with no purpose other than to think about how upset i am that im not getting my backside kicked with everyone else. i just hope that they will take my request for a med up chit so that i can get back to what i was doing. okay...that is my rant for now. i hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

wanna see 'em fly?

so i talk about the blue angels a lot in my blogs because they are amazing. so here is your chance to see them. if you are in alabama, which most of you who actually read my blog are, they will be in tuscaloosa saturday and sunday. it's the 4th and 5th. you can google their website to get other details. it is actually in northport i believe. says admission is free. they open at 9, the show starts at 11 and the angels fly at 3. i would love to go and actually see a show, but my niece is hunting easter eggs so that is a little more important. besides, all i have to do is look up on tuesday and thursday. lol. if you decide to go, blog about it so i can hear how awesome it was!