Sunday, January 25, 2009

just sayin...

so...there is a possiblitly that i could get cleared medically in the next week or two. yay! perhaps it will happen. if this happens my orders will start being written and i should leave a week or so after i get cleared. or...i could retire in thu. who knows. lol. but that is the latest update for me. hopefully i can get to the warmer parts of the u.s. soon. i hope all is well with all of you guys! take care and if i get to florida...maybe i would get to come home and visit on the weekends. take care and i will let you know as soon as i hear anything. no funny stories to share on this blog, but i will get on it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

well, im not sure what to say!

first of all, thank you so much for all of the birthday comments. it took me 20 minutes to read them all. if you only knew how much you all blessed my was amazing. thank you to "the preachers-wife." you totally rock! it was a wonderful birthday gift.

on the other end of things...i now have a real mattress and a real pillow. how nice! i have like a hotel room comforter or something, but hey, it's not an itchy old wool blanket right? haha. i believe the wind chill is currently -20 here right now. yes...-20. ive got to be the luckiest girl alive. ya know, it wouldnt be so bad if we didnt have to walk everywhere. oh's an adventure. let's see...what else? ooohhhh....always just buy your own water. yea...i took a sip of a friend of mines to take some ibuprofen and needless to say, it wasnt water! water does not burn like the substance that went down my throat. my bad! it was clear. so that was a nice birthday present. the feeling that someone lit a small fire in my throat. nice! many laughed at me until they cried...i coughed till i cried. next time i will just get my own bottle. ah...and did you know that the people at wal-mart do NOT like it when you play football in the aisles? who woulda thunk it? hehe...didnt exactly act like a 28 year old then. but hey...we all have to have fun right? well, i believe i am about to get kicked off the computer. my time is up. i love you all and appreciate your thoughts and prayers. God is good, and so His "little birdy" that sent out a blog telling people about this little sailor. thank you! take care, and perhaps i will have more stories of humiliation share with you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

is it possible? a light at the end of the tunnel???

well, plans changed a little over in the frozen town of great lakes. apparently my chief found it in her heart to move us to phase 3 liberty tomorrow! happy birthday to me! whoohoo! im a bit happy. chief also informed us that the man who signs the waivers in pensecola has been out for the past 6 weeks taking chemo treatments. he is now back and hopefully the ball will get rolling. maybe soon i will be in a warmer environment with a beach and the ocean breeze blowing in my face. haha. perhaps it will happen. im still dealing with whether or not i want to be in the aircrew program or go seabee. im praying intently every night! either way, i should get out of here soon! oh happy day! the snow is beautiful, but im ready to be able to walk outside without icicles forming on my eyelashes. and im not kidding about that at all. when it is -30 wind happens! it's crazy! thank you for all of your prayers.

Monday, January 5, 2009

discouraged but not defeated!

do you ever feel like things are progressively getting worse??? lol. yea, i felt that way today when i got finished with my doctors appointment. basically im in the same situation i was in before. i do, however, know that my iron levels are at the perfect spot. so, i guess thats good? im just waiting to hear from pensecola. last night i read a devotion that simply said Lord, if it's Your will, let it be. so that is what i'm going on. i pray nightly that His will be done in my life. my human nature leaves me discouraged with the things i heard today. my faith and knowing that He has a plan in all of matter how down i get...that is what keeps me from being defeated. i know He is in this because after i found out im still going to be here for a long time they let us know that reguardless of how long we have been here we will not be going to phase 3 liberty for atleast another month. without His presence, i would have just broke down right then. phase 3 is basically more freedom. i dont have to lock up my phone every other day and if i want to stay off base overnight, i can. and even when i do get to go to phase 3...they are putting us back in the building i just came from. therefore i still get an itchy wool blanket and a plastic mattress as opposed to a quilt and a real mattress.'s okay. you can laugh. it is all i could do. either that or cry and who wants to mess up their mascara over an itchy blanket..right? anyway...i wanted to let you know how the appointment went. so...there ya go. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

just an update...

i went to medical today and had to have more bloodwork done. yay! whatever. i dont mind getting stuck... but i have had my share in the past two months. normally getting called back for more tests isnt a good thing. to be honest, i dont know what is going on with all of my stuff right now. however, i go back monday to talk to the flight surgeon. i am just going to ask him flat out if he thinks i will be here another 4 months before my iron levels get to a "shipping out" point. if that is the case, i am going to reclass. (get another job) either way, i should have some type of information about when and where i go. so just pray that the luck i have been having with the doctors changes and i will know something soon. thank you all for your prayers.