Monday, December 29, 2008

another day in my life...

well, im back in illinois. yay me, right??? lol. my flight was less than satisfactory. don't get me wrong. we didnt crash, so that was good. it's just, the entire trip i felt like a turtle in my pea-coat. you see, the burley man next to me had gas. u know..normally i am cool about these things and just go on like it's nothing. (yes, im one of those people who laugh if someone poots. sorry! it's funny.) unfortunately, it wasnt a time to laugh. it seemed like a time to cry, seeing as how my eyes were watering from the stinch. i am not even playin...i was almost to the point of telling him to go to the bathroom because i think he had an accident and just didnt realize it! but i just hid my head in my pea coat and hoped it would help. anyway...that was my flight. an hour and a half of nastiness. he was a nice guy though. lol.

so, today is okay. i was so afraid i would hate being back. while im not excited about it, i did a little devotional this morning that helped me. in a nutshell....GET OVER YOURSELF! in a round about way. i am trying to keep a positive attitude about this situation. like i said before, God has a plan. He has worked things out perfectly in this whole navy process, so why should i wonder what is going on now? so, that is my rant for the day. hope you enjoyed the story of my misery. :) it was great to see everyone while i was home. God allowed me to enjoy a wonderful church service and see many of my friends. it was awesome! okay...i have to go sweep or something now!


  1. I don't know about you, but I would love to be in the Smokie Mountains with all of ya'll watching A League of Their Own...
    I miss those days!

    Love ya!

  2. I can not believe the guy could not smell himself....or maybe he just did not care!! LOL It was good to see ya (from a distance)!! God does have a plan and is working it in his time! Wait....
    Love ya!

  3. the visual of you being a turtle is just cracking me up. have you ever watched dana carvey in master of disguise?? lol

    it was so great seeing you over the holidays even if you did LIE TO ME about when you were hope you are settling back in okay..

    love ya!

  4. It was so good to see you Sunday!! God totally worked it out for you to be home for church! I teared up just seeing you in the choir!

    I'm just wondering if the smell stuck with you? You know, like when you go in a nasty burger joint and it takes days to wear or wash off?



  5. check my blog...I tagged you!

  6. I don't know how I am just finding out you have a blog. I am so glad I know now though.
    love ya and hope all is well.

  7. Glad to see you're in the blog world!

    I hear ya on those lovely flights! I rode home with a guy who had cerebral palsey and he spit on me the whole way home. When we landed my whole left side of my body was covered in saliva. no joke......hahahaha
    I almost blogged about it but I was afraid it would seem that I was making fun of him!
    So, at least your guy was keeping his bodily fluids to himself...hahahahahahaha (maybe I shoulda tried the turtle method...)