Tuesday, February 3, 2009


well, if there is one thing i have learned in the military it is "hurry up and wait." they tell you that "it wont be long" and here i am a month later. still waiting. i do remember the song....God said you're gonna make it...one that was pointed out to me in my last blog comments. and this is what i rely on. if i didn't have Him on my side i am certain i would go crazy. there have been plenty of times that i thought i was. to be honest...i feel like that now. there are so many things going on at home that i feel like i need to be there for. a very dear friend of mine lost her mother this past weekend...and i am here. that kills me. i want to be home where i can give a comforting hug. let her know that i'm there if she needs to talk. yes, i have my phone. but there is something about being there with the person. please keep this family in your prayers. i love them dearly and was devastated when i heard the news. my friends name is brooke. just lift her up to God when you say your prayers. as for me...i will make it. it feels like insanity here at times, but i always know where to go for comfort. thank you all again for your prayers and words of encouragement. i hope to hear that i will be headed to pensecola soon. but until then pray that God continues to open up opportunities for me to share His word. and judith...i dont know what to tell you about the goodies. lol...send them here and if im gone they will send them to florida. love you all!


  1. Hey Girl, I know you are anxious to move on. Who wouldn't want to go to Florida even if it was to work. Hope you are doing well. When you get bored try singing some of those little
    Lion King songs you used to sing for me in Acteens. That should at least make you smile! It does me! Take care! Love Ya!

  2. Hey I have a blog now! www.leighanne-myheartsings.blogspot.com

  3. We'll get a package in the mail this weekend and maybe you won't get.....maybe you'll be gone when it arrives. Love and Prayers

  4. I totally agree with Leigh Anne! i love the Lion King songs! They always make me laugh!
    Praying you get to leave soon!
    Love Ya!

  5. We are praying for you and we love you!!