Monday, April 27, 2009

fried crispy!

okay ya'll. i had a great idea for saturday. i wasnt on duty, im right beside the beach and i figured i would go. i had never been to pensecola beach so i was excited. i heard it was beautiful. it seems odd that i have been here for right at 2 months and havent been to the beach yet.

it was a beautiful day. between 85-88 degrees with a glorious breeze. the main reason i wanted to go to the beach and lay out was because of the oh so attractive farmers tan that i have developed since i got here. you know...when you take off your shirt it looks like you have a white undershirt on. yea..that would be me. but add the knee-thigh area and an adorable little sock line that actually could fool someone into thinking i have them on. we found a nice little spot by a group of people playing bean-bag toss and downing beer after beer after beer and sat our little cooler of coke and oreos down. time to tan! i spray on the sunblock and im ready to go. hahaha...sunblock? the only part that the sun was blocked from were the parts i wanted to tan! so now, the dark part of my legs are a lovely shade of red along with the lower part of my arms. my feet are still as pale as a cotton ball in white paint AND i have random red spots all over me. there is a nice red racing stripe down my left arm and what looks like the imprint of a deer hoof on the back of my right arm. lol...i love my life. really! i mean...if something like that wouldnt have happened...i wouldve thought something was wrong. i just laugh about it now. it doesnt hurt so that is good. did you know that sunburn (if it affects your ability to do your job) is punishable by the ucmj? yea...destruction of government property and im not even kidding about that. lol.

anyway...i was bored so i thought i would share my story with you. i hope everyone has a blessed day and buys sunscreen that works.


  1. Been there done that!! Girl wear your sunscreen everyday even at work!! You have always had just a pretty complexion ( can you say that to a sailor lol) you don't want to ruin it!! Love ya!

  2. i feel ya! i still have streaks from our trip to the beach 2 weeks ago. i put sunscreen all over and ended up with weird designs on my legs. i can't explain it but it will stay with ya for awhile. lol
    take care and dont enjoy the beach too much.
    love ya cuz

  3. I had to laugh when you talked about the destruction of government property because the same thing happened to my husband about 30 years ago. He was stationed at McCord AFB in Tacoma, WA. I had come home to Indiana for a visit with our daughter. While I was home, to pass time on one of his days off, he decided to ride his bicycle...without a shirt. He got a very bad sunburn. Went to the doctor for something else the next day. That is when he found out the destruction of government property thing. Thanks for sharing your story. It brought back a great memory.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hayli,
    Just got to see your graduation photo at your Mom's last night. Wish I could see the sunburn. Brings back years of memories, Disney World, vacations with all six kids.