Monday, May 18, 2009

on to disney week

i made it through hell week. by the end of it i decided that it was definitely an appropriate description of my life last week. however this week should be fun. today was boring though. all we did this morning is do a cpr class. we will play team sports this afternoon so that will be fun. tomorrow we go to the spin and puke and the low pressure chamber. the spin and puke is self explanitory and im not excited about that. the tea cups get me at disney world! the low pressure chamber will test our ability to pop our ears at different altitudes and see how our bodies react. they will take the pressure down just enough so that you start to experience signs of hypoxia. (spelling???) not a doctor or anything but i think it is just lack of oxygen to the brain? correct me if im wrong. anyhoo...they have a couple of people playing patty cake or playing with toys. and apparently its pretty funny to watch because you lose the ability to do those things after a while. patty cake turns into smack your face and toys start to confuse you. excited.

that is the plan for tomorrow as of right now. i will keep you informed on how things go...if i do, in fact, puke during the spin and puke. haha. and when i find out how the rest of the week is going to go, i will let you know that too. why? because i have nothing better to do apparently. and im okay with that. i hope you all have a wonderful day. and i dont know how to respond to peoples comments, so someone could inform me of how to do this i would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Well, I knew you would make it through h-e-double-hockey-sticks week without any problems!

    Sounds like you have got this thing whooped!

    And to respond, just post a comment on your comments and we can go back and read what you wrote..sounds like a tongue twister huh!

    Love ya bunches! Praying for you daily!

  2. hahaha...i probably should have figured this one out. so im slow...sue me. love you too angela...and im not out of the woods yet. this week holds a lot of "dont freak out" excercises. like, a possible near drowning experience. haha.

  3. I had rather go to Disney World, can't you just trade?