Friday, January 2, 2009

just an update...

i went to medical today and had to have more bloodwork done. yay! whatever. i dont mind getting stuck... but i have had my share in the past two months. normally getting called back for more tests isnt a good thing. to be honest, i dont know what is going on with all of my stuff right now. however, i go back monday to talk to the flight surgeon. i am just going to ask him flat out if he thinks i will be here another 4 months before my iron levels get to a "shipping out" point. if that is the case, i am going to reclass. (get another job) either way, i should have some type of information about when and where i go. so just pray that the luck i have been having with the doctors changes and i will know something soon. thank you all for your prayers.

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  1. We love you and know God has a path for you! He will guide you through the ups and downs and WE will be here for you through it all!! HE has a plan and you will do great things for him and others!!! Patience may be what he is teaching you?!?!?! HAHA Lord knows I need more of it. We are so proud of you and we love you bunches!!