Monday, January 5, 2009

discouraged but not defeated!

do you ever feel like things are progressively getting worse??? lol. yea, i felt that way today when i got finished with my doctors appointment. basically im in the same situation i was in before. i do, however, know that my iron levels are at the perfect spot. so, i guess thats good? im just waiting to hear from pensecola. last night i read a devotion that simply said Lord, if it's Your will, let it be. so that is what i'm going on. i pray nightly that His will be done in my life. my human nature leaves me discouraged with the things i heard today. my faith and knowing that He has a plan in all of matter how down i get...that is what keeps me from being defeated. i know He is in this because after i found out im still going to be here for a long time they let us know that reguardless of how long we have been here we will not be going to phase 3 liberty for atleast another month. without His presence, i would have just broke down right then. phase 3 is basically more freedom. i dont have to lock up my phone every other day and if i want to stay off base overnight, i can. and even when i do get to go to phase 3...they are putting us back in the building i just came from. therefore i still get an itchy wool blanket and a plastic mattress as opposed to a quilt and a real mattress.'s okay. you can laugh. it is all i could do. either that or cry and who wants to mess up their mascara over an itchy blanket..right? anyway...i wanted to let you know how the appointment went. so...there ya go. :)


  1. Hayli,
    HE does have a plan but while you wait read Psalm 42.
    Why are you downcast, O my soul? why so distrubed within me, put you hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God: Psalm 42:11
    Love you and miss you

  2. It was so great talking to you tonight, Major. :) Keep your chin up - Remember, this is no accident! God sees and He knows. Keep those eyes wide open for the person He's keeping you there for. You might find it's you as much as her. :) I love you girl! And girl, a blanket is sSO not worth messing up great mascara. I promise you one thing, when you get perks, I'm totally sending you the softest, cushiest blanket I can find. :))

  3. Hayli, I can relate regarding the journey you believe God's called you to, and then being stuck in limbo, still knowing that somehow, God's got a plan behind the "being stuckedness." Trusting for HIM to be your encouragement and your audience of One. Be blessed. And happy birthday, btw. :)