Friday, June 12, 2009

on the other side

first of all, i want to apologize for the hundred posts of "the end of the road" that had nothing for anyone to read. i have had no internet access ever since i moved to the other side of base and just realized that all i wrote in that post...didnt show up. lol. so, sorry. not sure what happened there.

so, i have moved to the other side of base. it leaves a lot to be desired. it isnt THAT bad, but it's not what i have gotten used to. the rules are different, the people dont like us "aircrew people" and nothing seems to make sense. they wake you up at 23oo to tell you that you have watch at 0300. why? why couldnt you have told me this at 1200? because it is "funny" to wake people up at all hours when you arent the one doing watch. i clean from 0700 to 1400. clean the clean. thats what they say. you have no purpose but to serve us hahahahahahaha! please! on a working party now and i dont do that anymore. lol. it really wasnt that's just going from feeling accomplished and being challenged everyday to cleaning a spot on the floor for hours on end is a little more than disappointing. you think you are going to move forward and yet, you take a step back. but, im going to make the best of what i have while im on hold. i did get to experience a lot of things that not many people will in their lifetime. so i cant complain. my body is i wont.

i hope that everyone is doing well! hope to hear from some of ya! take care and have a wonderful day!!!!


  1. I think I opened every single one of those posts and was like, "what is she doing?" LOL
    Glad to hear from you and that all is well! Hope you enjoyed your weekend @ home!

  2. Hey girl, glad to hear from you. I'm waaay behind in the blogworld. Life is really busy for us, Braxton made All Stars...yepeeee...all summer at the ballfield!! I am really proud of him he is a great kid and he LOVES sports!
    The boys get such a kick out of your little dog (can't think of his name) he comes to visit every now and then to run cats and spin his funny!! Jeannie took Mamaw to Wal-Mart this wkend and Mamaw popped a cute young man on the butt....see what we will do when we get old....or maybe sooner!! LOL Well I think you are caught up on things in the big city....NO...decoration was yesterday at Fuller....yep...all still dead. NOW your all caught up! Love ya & Take Care!

  3. hahaha...that is hilarious. jeanne didnt tell me about that one. lol. and go braxton. i think sports is just in our blood! mom and i drove by the graveyard this weekend on our way to the hospital to see mamaw sartin. i hope things continue to go well for ya'll and tell braxton congrats! love yall!