Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day

i just want to talk a little bit about how thankful i am for my family. i know it is fathers day, and i will get to that. lol. but i believe we should be thankful for and celebrate all of our family, everyday. i dont know how i got so fortunate. i have talked to so many friends of mine who just do not get along with their family, or have nothing to do with them period. and i understand that happens...nothing against them. but im so greatful to have the relationship that i do with my family. from the grandparents on down. i have a God fearing family who has been nothing but wonderful to me. i know that if ever i feel unloved or lonely, i can always be confident that i can find it thru the doors of my home. so thank you and i love you to my family. its an unfortunate rarity to find that these days.

now, fathers day. i can not begin to tell you how wonderful my father is. a lot of you know him, so you know. he is one of the most kind-hearted, loving, honest and faithful men you will ever meet. my preacher talked this morning about fathers being an example for their children and hoping that their kids would say, i want to be like you dad. well, i do. i want to be like my father. i love and respect him so much. he is just a good man. i want to be like my parents. they have been that example in my life. im am just overwhelmingly thankful for what i have. i want to just say, dad, happy fathers day. much love to my family and i couldn't tell you enough how greatful i am to have you in my life.

happy fathers day to all daddys out there. not that any men read this, but hey, you ladies can tell them. lol.


  1. that is such a sweet post! hope you are doing well. we are so lucky to have a close family that truly loves each other through good and bad.
    take care cuz. hope to see you soon.

  2. AMEN AND AMEN!!!! Love was great seeing you and Emma loves you bunches!!!