Monday, July 27, 2009

and im back!

i want to start by apologizing. im sorry to all of you who rush home after work to see if i have put out a new exciting....debbie downer post. lol. i know you all do. really, its okay. haha...just kiddin! i have been without internet for quite some time now and have recently found that at certain times during the day if i sit by my window and strategically place my computer...tada tada tada! so yay! anyhoo...this will not be a "ahhh, what have i done wrong" blog. i promise. the only upsetting thing that has happened lately is that i wasnt able to get leave to go with my family to disney world. for no other reason than someone just didnt want to help me get what i needed for it. BUT on the bright side of things, i still have 23 days of leave built up and do not have to use it in order to see my family and friends seeing as how i am so close. not many people have that luxury.

good stuff...since i have been on "the other side" i have been going to a working party during the day at my old barracks. i worked in the student control office with a petty officer. this man is a character. he cracked me up! there is a sort of fence type thing that covers the office window and when he got really worked up he would stick his finger through it to get his point across. (he never really did, but he tried really hard.) one day he was going off on the students in the lounge and when he started to back up, well, he didnt go far because his finger was stuck. now, you have to understand...when i say character, i mean CHARACTER! he's kind of barney fyffe-ish? he was a hoot to work with! his orders here in pensacola are up and he will be going to guam soon. however, he has let me know that he WILL be stopping at the I-59 flea market on his way home before he leaves. he thinks it is hilarious because that is the exit that i live off of. so, he told me all day everyday about how excited he was. hehe. i wish him the best of luck in guam!

new news! as of last night i started a new working party...mids. i work from 10 pm to 4 am. doesnt sound to pleasant but i have liberty all day everyday pretty much. from 8 am to 10 pm. and on fridays i can leave at 8 am giving me quite a few more hours with my family when i go home. i only work 2 days of my duty weekend. so many people want this job and it just fell in my lap. in the words of rhino from bolt...."it is fully AWESOME!" : ) i am going to try to go to the museum, along with the other 8000 people that go, and watch the blue angels practice. i will try to get some good pictures and post them if possible.

i hope that everyone is doing wonderful and loving life. have a great day!!!!!

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