Friday, March 27, 2009

belay my life! lol

things started looking up for me. i shouldve known better than to get comfortable with that. lol. we found out today that more than likely overnight liberty will be taken away from us after this weekend. it is possible that we keep it for a little longer, but it doesnt look good. u see, people here love to think they can get away with things. underage drinking....of age drinking and acting stupid. the past 5 or 6 weekends there have been alcohol related incidents. therefore, we are all going to get punished. not so much fun. i was so excited about being able to see friends and family on some weekends and now that could be taken away. not to mention we are now getting trained by rescue swimmer instructors. i just thought my body hurt before! lol. apparently they are trying to get it up to a 50% drop out rate and this is how they plan to do it. it may just work. however, i will not say d.o.r. (drop on request) and i will not spell dorito if someone asks me to. haha. did you know that as beautiful as the beach is not fun to run in the sand. just sayin. my ankles and knee are killin me right now. but i love it. i love the fact that im still here and im not backing out of this. my body hurts, but my heart tells me to keep going. when i look like a sugar cookie during beach pt (which i was told about this week. they make you exercise in the water then in the sand and you look like a sugar cookie. lol) i will just laugh. haha....noone will take a bite out of this sugar cookie! sorry, it was funny in my head when i thought it. : ) i just pray that God keeps my body intact long enough to finish this. i just want to know that i can do it! im jumpin off my soap box now. its a stormy navy day, so ya just think of the crappy stuff i guess. hehe. i know it will get better. im going to keep my head up and push harder and harder every day. i hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!


  1. We will just have to come see you then! No really! We're coming! The week of the 13th of April. Justin wants to check with you about some things. We love you and we are so proud of you!!! Can't wait to see you!! Love you bunches!!
    Kelli, Emma and Justin

  2. I don't comment as often as I should, but I do read!! Even if you're stuck somewhere, at least it's a pretty somewhere! :-)