Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so, do you remember in one of my last blogs when i was talking about seeing the blue angels while we were on the pt field? and how i was upset that i didnt get to see it? well, i got to today. it was awesome! they were so close. and so loud! i hated that i was running and couldnt stop to take it all in. it was amazing! nehoo...just thought i would share that i finally got to see it. obviously im bored. have a good day!


  1. Oh how I wish I was with you! Except for the whole running thing! I'd be dead!

  2. We have seen the Blue Angels about four times at Santa Rosa Island and then once in Huntsville. They are awesome!!!!! The neat thing about seeing them in Huntsville was they landed and we got to talk with them where as in FL they flew back to the base. So much fun! Hayden loves to see them fly and he likes all the jets but he especially likes Fat Albert! Now that your in Fl. hopefully you can see them again. The museum is so neat. I would like to go back (without kid) so I could take the time to read all the history. Good to see your face Sunday.

  3. You, you ,you blue angel seer you! I am jealous you know! How cool are they?