Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fly by!

just a quick post. today was horrible, yet awesome. i havent gotten to pt in 3 days. im really upset because i have been put on watch for the past 3 mornings. i feel like im falling behind...moreso than i already was. however, while i was on watch today i got to watch the blue angels practice. they would fly over...looking almost like they were going to knock the top of the buildings off! it was amazing. ofcourse if i had been on the pt field (or so i hear) it is a notification point. meaning it lets them know when to do a maneuver. i hear that they fly over the pt field then shoot straight up when they get to a certain point. so close that you can feel the heat from the burners! i gotta get out there! hehe. neway. i get to watch them practice atleast on tues. and thurs. so i am stoked! hope all is well with everyone! love ya tons!

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