Monday, March 23, 2009


i just want to start by thanking everyone for the prayers they put out for me. i passed my phase 2 test friday night and was given my liberty card at 10 pm. i came to my room went to sleep and woke up at 5 am to get ready to start my journey home. lol. i was stoked! the bad thing was...i had no clue how to get home. it really didnt matter to me becuz all i could think of was getting home to my family. probably should have mattered. i left the base and just took to driving. i was on a mission. i was looking for signs to point me in the right direction. okay....just because you see a sign for a city in doesnt mean that you go that way. oh well, i learned. fortunately im not as stubborn as some people i know and i do not care to stop and ask for directions. heck...i was laughin so hard at myself by this time it was probably the safest thing i could do. yes...i had gone 20 miles in the wrong direction, but i acted unphased by it and went on my way. either way, i made it home by one and was able to see my family and friends.

on to church. to be honest with you. im not positive what all was said during the service. all i do know is that my heart was consumed by the Holy Spirit by the end of it. sometimes the Lord just gets a hold of you and you get what you have needed for a while. and well...i got it. there is a song that the choir did...amazing grace with my chains are gone. MAN! "my chains are gone, ive been set free!" it's overwhelming, isnt it? "unending love, amazing grace." and that line...not just love, but UNENDING love. it doesnt stop. EVER. i know this, and ive always been taught this. but it is still so hard to wrap my mind around. but thankful is what i am, and will always be.

im sorry to go on, but i felt like i needed to write this out. lol, its not my normal nonsense from a sailor, but its good. God is good.

i guess i wouldnt be me if i didnt throw in something silly though, exercise called the dirty backside hurts! but it works! im sure you have all seen it done before or have done it. down on your hands and knees, hike one leg like your waterin a tree, (at a 90 degree angle to really feel the burn :) leg straight out behind you, then water the tree again and back to all fours. just sayin, if you have never done it before...try it. you may never do it again, but atleast you will get a good laugh in.


  1. So glad you passed your test!! It was great to see you at church!!!

  2. It was a powerful service...I hate I missed you AGAIN!!