Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it was a trick!

so i wrote yesterday about how worried i was about our deadly pt for the day, then it was easy? hahaha...THAT WOULD BE TODAY!!!! if you ever thought that holding yourself in the up push-up posistion for 8 minutes was easy...think again. after holding myself there for as long as we did, and knowing it will happen daily, i will look like i have shoulder pads in all of my clothes. lol. i just got a mental picture of that. anyway...it was a bad day. one of the petty officers decided that i would be the one he would pick on all morning. i was thinking...if you could see what my ankles looked like, you would be happy that i didnt quit on you. but i wasnt going to say that. i just agreed that i was an out of shape sailor. my ankles by the way look a good bit better today. im still gonna grab some ice later, but they are alright. now i have to figure out why the arch in my foot hurts. if its not one thing its another.

in the midst of a cloudy day in the firey pitts there was one thing that made me smile. we were holding ourself in leaning rest (the up push-up posistion) and i thought i was dying. really, i thought i was dying. lol. i heard a sound in the distance. sweat is pouring out of my body, im straining so hard to hold my body up that a tear popped out. it was wierd. i wasnt crying. there's no crying! there's no crying in pt! haha...sorry, big fan of a league of their own. neway...im shaking like crazy then i look up and out of the clouds comes all 6 blue angel planes! it was like ghosts appearing out of nowhere! they were so close that it made my ears pop! im not even joking. so for about 20 minutes of pt time they were flying over. that just pumps me up. if only it could make my tired little body run faster. lol. afterwards we ran back to the barracks and i continued to hear the petty officer go on about how we were pathetic and blah blah blah. fun times. and that was the end of our torturous day. no bueno! however i made it through another day and am getting ready for another. there was one funny thing that happened today though. we went and played team sports the 2nd part of the day. i always play basketball because im not really good at volleyball. i played against a new guy today and i talk a lot when we play to distract people. the guy stops the game and asks me where i am from. i said alabama and asked why. his response..." because you sound like paula dean! i love it!" that was a new one. however it made me laugh and brightened my day. lol. so this is the end of this sailors nonsense for the day. i hope you were bored enough to read it. have a good one!


  1. ok so i showed emma your pic of your ankle and she said..."oh no, boo boo" HA! she is a mess. you are the strongest person i know and i am so proud of you! we are ALL so proud of you! keep kickin' butt "paula dean" HAHAHAHA i love it!!


  3. Can you cook like Paula? Have a blessed day!