Monday, March 30, 2009

ya just have to laugh.

today was a dreaded day. there had been rumors of it going to be the worst day of pt we could imagine. im automaticallly thinking...yep, this will be the day i kick the bucket. my knee and ankles are sore, my body is still tired from the 1.5 hours of sleep i managed to squeeze in after watch. its gonna be a great navy day.

we head off to the pt field at 0620. im thinking the worst. im doing my best to keep up, but im sore. the field is soaking wet as we run out there. mud is flying everywhere, soon to be all down my front side, back side and all up in my hair. (that part is actually kind of fun...when it isnt 50 degrees outside like it was this morning.) here it comes, the worst day ever! it is all i could think of. YALL, it was the easiest pt day we have had in a long time. no kiddin! i mean, it was tough, but not at all what i had expected. now, the quarter mile sprints that we did were not my favorite, but still a good day. THEN...we got back here an hour earlier than we usually do. im thinkin this could be a good day after all. and it was except for one thing. i came back to my room took my shoes and socks off, only to see that my ankle looks like this. not only this ankle...both of them look like this. ladies...i must admit. i believe i am a bit different because all i could do was laugh and go to different rooms showing people how fat my ankles were. this picture doesnt do it justice. im not even kidding. it was so big. the swelling is around the size you see here now. so it is doing okay. nothing a little bengay wont help. the funy thing is i didnt turn or roll my ankles at all. they just swelled up like this. i believe it is from standing hours upon hours upon hours a day. perhaps you could let me know what you think. im not a doctor. i just think its odd. lol. have a good one. maybe i can come up with something interesting to write about next time.


  1. Major!

    You have grandma ankles!! LOLOL

    And I mean that in the most loving of ways. :))) Seriously, can you ice them and drink lots of water? I'm thinking you need some major diuretics.

    Have you gotten grounded from coming home yet? Please tell me no!

  2. OH my girl! That ankle looks painful! I'm def. thinking ice it and keep it elevated! Ouch! You have always been can handle anything! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the Navy better and despite the sore body and swollen ankles things seem to be going well.

  3. I used to seeing those on pregnant women. Hope ya iced it down good.